Medical devices favorable policies have a bright future


 According to the medical technology industry "twelfth five-year" special plan ", will focus on support for 10 ~ 15 large YiXie enterprise group, supporting the 40 ~ 50 innovative high-tech enterprises, set up 8 ~ 10 YiXie science and technology industry base and 10 national innovation medical instrument product application demonstration base, perfect the industry chain, optimize the industrial structure, improve market share,  Significantly enhance the international competitiveness of the medical device industry.  It is estimated that the new output value of medical devices brought by scientific and technological progress and demonstration application will be 200 billion yuan, and the proportion of exports in the total international market will increase to more than 5%.  


Faced with the fact that China's large medical equipment market is monopolized by foreign investors, leaders said that the medical equipment industry has become a development engine that drives the country's scientific and technological progress, leads the progress of multi-disciplinary technology and an important driving force for economic growth.  China will make great efforts to develop domestic medical equipment in the future to reduce medical costs, and ensure that domestic medical equipment is prioritized for financial funds through strict implementation of government procurement laws.  


Sources close to the situation said the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the National Health and Family Planning Commission are jointly drawing up a "special fund for industrial revitalization and technological transformation" of 1.5 billion yuan.  Among them, the development of high-performance medical diagnosis and treatment equipment in 2013 will focus on medical imaging equipment, in vitro diagnostic products, treatment equipment and other fields, in order to realize the upstream and downstream development of the industrial chain.  


Among the listed companies in the medical device category, Shenzhen Minrui, China Resources Wandong, Yuyue Medical, Xinhua Medical, Jiangsu Yuyue, Sanuo Biology, Kehua biology and other related enterprises have a good development momentum and deserve attention.  At present, the country is implementing the reform of county hospitals around the country, they urgently need domestic, cost-effective medical equipment, China's medical equipment industry is ushering in a new round of development opportunities.  


Recent national positive policy of medical devices: administration of state food and drug supervision and administration in the notice on June 26, 2013, decided to the agency to assume part of the three categories of medical device registration certificate for examination and approval of changes such as duties devolved to the provincial food and drug regulator, lowered the threshold of the capital into the medical devices industry, further simplify the process of government management.  


The drug administration is about to release two new regulations on medical device regulation, which will guide the registration of innovative medical device products and further simplify the requirements for the re-registration of medical devices.  Industry insiders said that the relevant measures will help promote the merger and integration of the medical device industry, and more conducive to the development of innovative medical device enterprises.