Disinfection of medical equipment and disposal of medical wa


Al-hayat reporter Lu Ying intern Nie Zheng  


After being shot in the hospital, how is infusion tube handled?  How are the equipment and instruments that enter the human body for examination disinfected?  Is there any safety risk when it is used again?  


On March 9, the autonomous region and the Nanning Municipal Health supervision Institute jointly implemented law enforcement, and inspected the disinfection management and medical waste disposal of medical institutions in Nanning city.  Law enforcement officials found that individual medical institutions need to strengthen waste disposal and disinfection of medical devices.  


Disinfection of medical instruments  


The scene  


Disinfection of equipment to achieve "hard indicators"  


Yesterday, under the guidance of hospital staff, reporters with health supervision personnel into the fourth people's Hospital of Nanning disinfection center, through the glass wall, the reporter saw a medical staff dressed in aseptic clothes in aseptic disinfection room busy.  


After the medical supplies are cleaned, medical staff will pack them up, according to the report.  Although medical devices are automatically cleaned in a highly bacteriostatic environment, a final hygiene certificate is required.  


Reporters see, medical staff in the package, will be a chemical indication stick on the outer package, and another chemical indication card into the bag.  After that, the medical kits are sterilized at high temperature and high-pressure, and finally sent to the sterile delivery window for use.  Before using the medical kit, medical staff need to check the instruction strip and the instruction card. Only when the black bar appears on the instruction strip and the instruction card turns black, can the medical kit be proved to meet the health standards if it passes the double test and meets the "hard index".  


In guangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated hospital endoscopic cleaning and disinfection workstation, hospital infection management Department Director Li said, the workstation disinfection of medical appliances, are to enter the body, so cleaning and disinfection should be very careful.  From the initial cleaning of surface dirt to the deep cleaning of the internal cavity of the appliance with douches and other appliances, the appliance can be used by patients only after the steps of enzyme washing solution cleaning, secondary cleaning, soaking disinfection, thorough washing and drying. There are altogether 7 processes before and after the appliance.  


The problem  


The system of some private hospitals is imperfect  


"The special inspection will focus on the safety of medical injection, the safety of human flow, the disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment and other conditions that consumers are concerned about, especially on the key departments of medical institutions such as disinfection supply room, endoscope cleaning and disinfection room, outpatient injection room, infusion room and human flow room."  Autonomous region health supervision institute related person in charge, March 5 - March 8, the joint law enforcement team has more than 10 public and private medical institutions in Nanning city on-site supervision and inspection.  


During the inspection, it was found that most medical institutions could establish and implement the inspection and acceptance system for incoming disinfection products according to the requirements, and all kinds of instruments for injection, puncture and blood collection were disposable and treated as medical waste after use.  Large-scale state-owned medical institutions shall set up endoscope cleaning and disinfection rooms and disinfection supply rooms in strict accordance with requirements, and relevant staff shall strictly carry out disinfection and sterilization operations;  Medical instruments such as abortion surgery kits, surgical kits and other items of private medical institutions are handed over to medical institutions with relevant qualifications for unified disinfection, and the operating room staff of family planning shall obtain corresponding qualifications.  


However, it was also found in the inspection that some private medical institutions did not establish the inspection and acceptance system for the purchase of disinfection products, did not obtain the relevant certificates, and did not indicate the opening date and time of the disinfection solution after opening.  Any illegal acts found during the inspection will be severely investigated and dealt with by relevant departments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.  


Clinical Waste disposal  


The scene  


Hazardous medical waste is collected separately  


Medical waste belongs to hazardous waste, which contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, radioactive substances and more chemical poisons.  Careless management and improper disposal of medical waste will not only pollute the environment, but also lead to the spread of infectious diseases, which will directly harm people's health.  


On the same day, the reporter saw in guangxi First Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical waste with two colors of garbage bag collection, black garbage bag is filled with household garbage, yellow garbage bag collection used needles, cotton swabs and other items, collected in a special temporary storage area.  


Hospital infection management department director Li told reporters that the hospital's medical waste are unified collection, with the transfer of special bucket collection, prevention and treatment of leakage.  "Said, also took out a garbage collection registration form," the hospital's medical waste will be regularly transferred to nanning medical waste disposal center, the hospital will be clear on each handover of the record registration.  


The problem  


The setting of temporary storage points in some hospitals is not standard  


"This time, we will check whether medical and health institutions have established and improved the responsibility system for medical waste management;  Whether the personnel and management personnel engaged in the collection, transportation, storage and treatment of medical waste of the unit have been trained in the relevant knowledge of medical waste disposal."  Autonomous region health supervision institute related person in charge said, March 5 - March 8, the joint law enforcement team has on the first affiliated hospital of Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanning Wangzhou Hospital and other more than 10 public and private medical institutions in Nanning city on-site supervision and inspection.  During the inspection, it was found that the classification collection, transportation and temporary storage of medical waste in most medical institutions met the requirements, and no illegal acts were found such as illegal trading of medical waste, dumping, piling up of medical waste in non-storage sites or mixing of medical waste with other wastes and household garbage.  However, the inspection also found that there are still some medical institutions with non-standard medical waste temporary storage sites, no warning labels, no cleaning and disinfection of medical waste temporary storage rooms and transfer tools, and no health examination for medical waste disposal personnel.  


In view of the existing problems, health supervisors issued health supervision opinions, requiring relevant units to rectify within a time limit.