Does life beauty salon zha love the job that does a doctor?


Life beauty salon in the surprise acupuncture-moxibustionist, surprise botox injection of thin face needle, without practicing license also dare to do lip surgery with a knife......  On March 9th, shenyang city health supervision law enforcement personnel went to the city five district beauty salon to carry out the special action of rectification, the reporter followed the law enforcement personnel to give the whole track interview, uncover the various shady behind the beauty salon.  

What does hyaluronic acid, anaesthetic do use?  


At 10 o 'clock in the morning, Taiyuan South Street Beauty salon.  Shop assistants show the relevant formalities: life beauty.  However, law enforcement officers found several mysterious boxes on the corner of the stairs on the second floor.  Open the box and there are various vials of liquid in it.  The packaging is all over the bottle in English, except for a small grain of rice labeled at the bottom: Hyaluronic acid.  


The clerk argued that it was for external use, but there was no such word on the package.  If this is hyaluronic acid for injection, the salon is suspected of practicing medicine without a license.  At the same time, law enforcement officials found that a customer waiting for acupuncture to lose weight was unable to show his licensed medical certificate, while the person doing the acupuncture, identified only as "Dr. Zhang."  In addition, law enforcement officials also found a narcotic called lidocaine.  


Book grab triggers a call to 110  


About 10:30, East District Small word street tired bird beauty parlor.  At first, the store was more cooperative, but when a law enforcement officer looked at the books, a man rushed forward and tried his best to grab back the books, nearly knocking the officer over.  


Why does he have to go back and grab the books?  The law enforcement official told reporters that he saw the words "Botox Face Slimming needle" in the customer registration box.  According to the relevant regulations, the injection of thin face needle belongs to the category of medical beauty, and this beauty salon is only for life beauty.  In addition, law enforcement officers found syringes, medical rollers and other medical equipment from the store.  


Due to the man's rudeness and physical friction with law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers had to call 110.  Seeing this, the man was afraid of making a big deal, so his attitude softened and he agreed to sign on the law enforcement document.  


Dr. Wenlip has no practicing license  


11 o 'clock, Green Medical cosmetology Clinic, Huanghe Street.  On the second floor, behind the glass door of the disinfection room, there are rice cookers, leeks, etc., and the Windows of the sterile area are wide open.  Further inside, there is no isolation in the operating room. In a glass partition behind a door, a female customer is lying on the bed with blood on her face. A young lady is holding a utenutenle for the female customer to paint her lips.  


Upon inquiry, the young woman could only provide a doctor's certificate, not a doctor's license.  After investigation, the legal person of this beauty parlor is Ms. Yu, at present because of illness at home rest.  Therefore, such as some double eyelid surgery, lip surgery, by other doctors instead.  However, according to relevant regulations, such practice without a doctor's license is not allowed.  


On the walls of the salon are posters of various medical cosmetic procedures, including eyebrow cutting and nose job. The price list for the nose job alone reads: "1,800 yuan for joint venture, 3,600 yuan for import." Customers say such a wide price difference is not reasonable.  


When is offside off?  


"At present, some life beauty parlour of Shen City is" offside "undertake medical hairdressing!"  Shenyang city health supervises place medical administration supervises liu Zhishan of section responsible person introduction, according to "medical cosmetology serves management method" relevant regulation, hairdressing is divided into medical cosmetology and life cosmetology two big categories.  


Ordinary beauty salon business scope is limited to life beauty, namely skin care, foot bath and other projects.  Medical cosmetology refers to the use of surgery, drugs, medical instruments and other invasive or invasive medical technology methods, including breast enhancement, eyelid surgery, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and other items.  Beauty salons engaged in medical cosmetology must be registered in the municipal health administration department, and can only operate after obtaining the Practicing License of Medical Institutions.  


According to law enforcement officials, acupuncture and moxibustion is a medical activity and must be carried out in medical institutions. Operators of acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping and other TCM physiotherapy programs must have a Chinese medicine doctor's professional certificate, and it is illegal to operate without a certificate.